This is a post we didn’t expect to make, but we’ve had to make the difficult decision to close both the conference and the company behind it. For a variety of reasons, keeping them going isn’t viable for the team behind the event.

What an incredible journey it’s been during the past few years though. Over the 2 in person events and the very hastily put together distributed event we’re proud to have played a small part in shining a light on the awesome tech talent right here in the South West.

This is a quick post to highlight that the final videos from this years conference were published today. You can relive your favourite moments from the conference as well as catch up with any of the sessions that you missed via our YouTube channel.

Working with our speakers, we’ve also recorded some Q&A videos which will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

Happy watching.

Only a week has passed since we welcomed more than 1000 ticket holders and 7000+ drop-ins for the Future Sync 2020 broadcast. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank anyone who tuned in, whether for the whole broadcast or a single talk, for taking part in the rapidly pivoted conference.

If you are a ticket holder, you’ll find a 2 minute feedback form in your inbox. We’d love to get your feedback on the day. Responses from past years have resulted in major changes and tiny tweaks to the shape of the event. This year is no different. …

There is only one week left before Future Sync 2020 comes to life as a distributed conference.

You may have noticed we’ve been pretty quiet in recent weeks. That’s because we’ve been busy testing out streaming software, working with speakers to get the most out of the new format, designing layouts, sorting out prizes, arranging an after party as well as setting up a few extras to make the event more than a day watching YouTube clips. It’s been busy!

Over the 16th and 17th April, we’ll be broadcasting more than 15 talks on topics as diverse as resilient web…

More speakers announced

With only 46 days until Future Sync comes to Plymouth University on the 16th April, we thought we should share a handful more speakers from our 2020 lineup.

By now, you’re possibly wondering who is going to be dispensing some wisdom from the conference stage as well as the topics they’re talking about. Wonder no more! Today’s additions are set to talk about:

Keep on reading…

The time has come to add another couple of speakers to the Future Sync lineup.

Today’s two additions have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the realm of technology. We’re over the moon to be bringing them to Plymouth on the 16th April. If you want to hear some first hand tales about the evolution of the web over the past 30 years or take a deep dive into the strategies which have revolutionised the governments digital offerings, you’re in for a treat. Keep reading to find out who they are.

If you want to join them on the…

Welcome to 2020. We hope that it’s been kind to you so far.

Plans for this years Future Sync conference are coming together nicely. Half of our initial speaker lineup has been announced (with a few more on the way soon), we’ve tested the upgraded lunch menu (it’s really tasty) and swag samples are starting to trickle through (we’re going for eco options where possible this year).

The CfP is currently open until the 31st January. We’re looking to put forward a diverse range of speakers with talks in the realms of Software Development, Creative Design and Business Innovation. …

We’re super excited to let you know that our first three speakers have been added to the website!

Hailing from three continents, our trio of top notch speakers are talking about how designers can be more involved in open source software, how to do internationalisation on the web effectively and how the tech industry can reduce it’s collective carbon footprint. Keep on reading to discover who they are……

If you want to join them on the #FutureSync20 stage, our CfP is currently open. Submissions are welcome from seasoned speakers and first time talkers alike. …

Speakers are what make a conference unforgettable. Future Sync has been blessed with an amazing line up for both events so far.

We’ve had seasoned pro’s take to the stage as well as providing debuts for future stars. Your help is needed to make sure this remains true and the call for proposals is now open for you to submit a talk.

We’re inviting potential speakers to suggest a session under the broad themes of Software Development, Creative Design and Business Innovation for our friendly, welcoming audience to enjoy.

We’re not sure if schwarz Saturday is a thing or not, but it seems like the perfect antidote to the recent Black Friday sales.

We’ve not got an amazing sale to tell you about. There are no discount codes to share around. What we do have is a limited number of Super Early Bird tickets available right now, alongside our diversity tickets.

Buy Your Ticket

Super Early Birds are only £45 and are backed by a no fuss refund policy. If you change your mind about attending up until a month before the event, for whatever reason, you can request…

Future Sync

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